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Rehabilitation Services

Therapy Services Provided by Community Therapists

When our residents need assistance recovering from an injury, accident or simply want to regain mobility, strength or flexibility, Appalachian Brian Estates relies on the skills of therapists within our communities.

Occupational therapy services in Boone, NCPhysical, occupational and speech therapy are critical for regaining strength or functionality that has been lost due to a medical procedure, health condition, accident or injury. We invite therapy providers within our communities to work with our residents as needed to help them live independent lives.

  • Physical therapy- The goal of physical therapy services is to improve mobility, relieve pain, restore muscle function and provide wound care treatments. 

  • Occupational therapy- Occupational therapy services focus on creating independence by retraining the body for activities of daily living, home management tasks and community re-entry skills.
  • Speech Therapy- Speech therapists work to help our residents communicate more effectively.